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Expert in OEM/ODM Product Design and Manufacture

WishSINO Technology Co.,Limited specializes as OEM/ODM product designer and manufacturer, established in 2003,one-stop solution for product design,structure debug/ troubleshooting,prototyping, engineering, mould tooling and manufacturing,creates innovative products that are mass producible in balancing the manufacturability and cost-effectiveness,through the unique expertise and careful integration of all required services, we are able to materialize clients’ ideas from paper to actuality , envisioned concepts to reality,with guidance and effective efforts of our expert professionals, various kinds of products are designed,developed and  manufactured for numerous industries: consumer electronics, medical devices, sporting goods,military, laboratory, housewares, mobile accessories, lighting appliances, etc, product development with a creative edge in industrial design, market research, graphic design,  mechanical  engineering, electrical engineering, software development, prototyping, and production…..

Our Design and Engineering Process

First we’ll look at your product idea and determine the best way to manufacture it. Then we’ll sketch out some plans for the design based on your needs and do some initial calculations where needed. We’ll then start a basic CAD design where you will see the early design evolution. The final design would result in a full CAD design for the product. All detail drawings would follow. These drawings and the computer files would be supplied on clients’ demand.

Product Design & Engineering

  • Find the best or several design approaches for your product for best functionality & cost.
  • Initial CAD design for evaluation purposes.
  • We can do simple to complex mechanisms depending on the product.
  • Final CAD design for product release with all assembly, sub-assembly, and detail parts.
  • Sourcing of each part and each material needed.
  • We can design your product either from scratch or offer solutions to your existing product, needs.
  • We can import third party or ID files for special shapes or surfaces for the design.
  • Computer generated properties; weight, cent. of gravity, volumes, etc. depending on needs.
  • We make physical calculations such as trajectories, forces, etc. and come up with a set of goals and further possibilities.

Design & Structural Analysis

  • FEA stress analysis. A computerized analysis showing high stress areas for strengthening or weight reduction.
  • Calculations and proper material selection for the parts. Best metals or plastics use.
  • Computer motion analysis for actual mechanism operation, inferences, etc.

Product Photo Rendering

  • You will get progressive computer pictures of your product as the design moves forward.
  • We can supply a simple program for your own computer to allow you to view the product from various angles where you can pick out individual parts or rotate the whole assembly in see-through or solid modes.
  • We can set the product pictures in various backgrounds for your own use with basic viewing or advertising.

Files, Documents, and Drawings

  • We can supply small up to large 24 x 36″ drawing plots, or output to you in DWG, DXF, PDF, or many other formats readable in various popular readers or CAD systems.
  • Output or input files in IGES, STEP, Parasolid, E-Drawings, Pro/E, STL, CATIA, TIFF, SOLIDWORKS and many others.
  • A typical drawing package will contain a detail dimensional drawing for each part with tolerances and specifications and assembly drawings with a full BOM (bill of materials and sources) and exploded views for clarity. All drawings and computer files are suitable for production or prototype vendors.

Continuous Product Improvement

  • With the use of our high end CAD we can constantly improve on the design even after its introduction by replacing or improving some parts or update the product into new versions or capabilities for your product line.
  • All documents are automatically updated to avoid repeating some design areas.

Tooling and Manufacturing Liaison

  • We supply the proper files that tooling suppliers use for automated tooling & accuracy.
  • We can supply special process drawings for assembly and manufacturing instructions for our client use or for use by our client’s customers assembly instructions.

Production Manufacturing

  • Operation of mould tooling, injection moulding and die-casting is implemented in house.
  • We have access to sheet metal, thermo vacuum and pressure forming, metal injection molding and other processes in China.
  • We represent and partners with injection moulding factories of above 500T injection machines


  • We can arrange for your product using our computer files directly producing plastic models using Stereo lithography, FDM, and other accurate 3D printing “rapid prototyping” and small run casting methods through our partners. This is usually a fast 2 to 4 day process for simple designs.
  • We also partner with NC metal machining, sheet metal and special assembly shops.
  • Our electronic design and assembly partners can provide for those products which need this.

Industrial Design

  • We have provided ID (styling) within our company for many of our customers and our own proprietary products.
  • We also partner with a very experienced and professional ID company with specialized style and name branding with the flair you need for product recognition.
  • If you already have an ID firm you are working with, we can work with them to maintain your particular design style and make if mechanically viable.


  • If electronics is needed in your design, we partner with very capable companies for that.

  • A/C or D/C circuitry or even special remote control applications for cell phones.

Leave OEM/ODM product design and development to WishSINO

Breathe life into your products while cutting down production expenses with WishSino. We have been cementing ourselves as an injection molding and CNC machining parts manufacturer since 2001, keeping a strong focus on prototyping, die casting, and stamping. If you wonder how you can get thousands of products cost-efficiently, wonder no more.

Over the years, WishSino has grown into a 5,500 sq m production facility in China where high-precision products are made nonstop. We now operate 19 injection molding machines and a myriad of CNC, die casting, and stamping equipment. This empowers us to create the most complex products based on your OEM/ODM requirements.

We can handle OEM/ODM product design and development for local and international businesses. Our customers range from small automotive parts suppliers to the world’s largest electronics companies that all have witnessed production excellence by WishSino.

End-to-end plastic parts, injection mould, die-casting, silicone/rubber parts production

Taking products from design to production will never be time-consuming again. With WishSino, you can:

  • send us your drawings, CAD files, and specs without further ado or get product design assistance
  • let us take care of tooling and injection molding to kick-start custom manufacturing
  • request product prototypes for inspection and improvement
  • start large-batch production or opt for a low MOQ
  • get your parts delivered to your warehouse in China or overseas
  • request modifications or repairs after your products are manufactured

We can fine-tune our manufacturing processes for die-casting/silicone & rubber parts, metal hardware, and plastic products for any industry. If you have any specific compliance requirements, we can also help meet them. WishSino has a proven track record of producing parts for RoHS, FDA, and other regulations.

Do you have a drawing that you want to transform into an end product? Contact us to talk about your manufacturing needs and get a quote.