Put a premium on accuracy and efficiency with die casting products

Die castings with WishSINO allows you to do just that without putting a dent in your budget. We run a 7,500-sq-ft factory for die casting parts production and will be delighted to switch our machinery into the active mode for your business.

Die castings work best when repeatability and tolerance accuracy matter the most in aluminum parts. We custom-make dies for your pieces — simple or complex — which means they all look the same and are produced to the same design. Little to no post-production processing is required to match the specifications, whether you order 5 or 5,000 die casting products.

That also means you can save a lot on the mass production of aluminum parts. We pass our in-house efficiency onto your business, bringing together consistency and repeatability that you can turn to your competitive advantage.

Custom die casting for all products and industries

Many businesses are tapping into the benefits of die casting with us. The pieces we create here in China can be found worldwide in commercial and industrial sectors, including:

  • Medical
  • Aeronautical
  • Telecommunications
  • Car making
  • And even military

With the WishSINO die castings manufacturer, you always know you can get your aluminum pieces produced and reproduced the way you need. Custom molds and dies are here for your peace of mind when creating everything from complex gear units and heat dissipators to simple car interior parts and antenna mounts. Browse through some of the die-cast pieces on this page.

Although the durability of monolithic die-cast parts is guaranteed by default, we run each piece through in-house tests for complete quality control. They are performed for international compliance and to ensure no deviations impact tolerances and other essential characteristics.

Processing options for your aluminum parts

Our die castings processes don’t end with just custom molds. We keep establishing ourselves as a leader in die casting in China, with additional processing options available for your parts before they are shipped:

  • Anodizing: Make sure your pieces are protected from rust, whether they are used outdoors or indoors.
  • Oxidizing: Benefit from increased corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
  • Passivation: Level up the durability of your parts to be used in the commercial sector.

It’s up to you to buy pressure die casting products with or without any coating. This should be specified in the design file you share with us for evaluation.

Not sure what design and processing option should be selected for your pieces? WishSINO can serve not only as your die casting supplier in China but also as a technical advisor. Contact us to go into detail about the die-cast parts you want to produce and coatings.

Teamed with joint-venture affiliation, we are professional in production of  AL die-casting products, profound experience accumulated since 2004, service and products sold to all around the world, rich coverage of products range: aeronautical, military, medical, telecommunication, automobile, etc, anodized, oxidized, passivated, manufacturability and cost-effectiveness are balanced to boost and boom your business…