Company Profile

                                                         WishSINO Technology Co.,Limited

Founded in 2003, located in Feng Gang Town,Dong Guan District, Guang Dong province, China, neigbouring Shenzhen and HongKong, geographically very convenient with transportation at YanTian port,7500 square meters of factory building, 130~150 staffs, certificated with ISO9001:2015, hardened and unique experiences in field of OEM/ODM plastic and die-casting  product design, structure bebugging/troubleshooting , prototyping, engineering,tooling, injection, assembling,packaging……

R&D Department

Veteran R&D team ,armed with Pro/E, UG, MouldFlow, Photoshop,etc, can professionally handle projects from concept design to mass production, mechanical and electronics, plastic and metal, 4mechanical engineers, 2electronic engineers and 6tooling designer, average 12years of working experiences, entire team proficiently implements troubleshooting, debugging, correcting design flaw and tackling aftersale compliants, tooling designers adept in using Mould Flow to analyze plastic flow and temperature to prevent shrinkage and other defects,FDM & FMEA built up prior to actual engineering, documentation center included in R&D to cover workload of drawing endorsement and recording/releasing endorsed papers and drawings…..

Tooling Department

Equipped with 15CNC machines, 10EDMs, 6wire-cutting machines in half with slow and fast speed respectively, lathes, drilling and grinding machines, 25workers to handle copper model production to finished moulds, monthly producing capacity 20sets, cold-runner, hot-runner, overmoulding mould, side-gate/3-plate / submersible,HASCO/DME/LKM/Futaba, S136H/718H/Nak80/8407…precision workstations control quality and leadtime,  maintain mould reparation to sustain and guarrantee smooth operation of injection workshop, punctual fix-up on failed in-duty moulds facilitates entire supply chain to assembling workshop and even clients’s demand….

Injection Workshop

Equipped with 20injection machines, 120~450T, 30workers, 2shifts per day, 6workdays per week, satisfactorily fulfill workloads planned and scheduled by PMC, normal and special engineering plastic materials are used to implement production of each PO, ABS/PC/PP/PET/PVC/TPU/TPE/PPS/Nylon/Teflon/ PPO/PBT….etc, rich product coverage: auto parts, plumbing kits, lighting appliances, kitchen tool, sporting tool, medical device, lab kits, stationery, telecommuication casings, electric fan… etc, work efficiency and injection quality are solid support to punctuality of goods delivery….

Assembling workshop

Staffed with 22workers, proficiently operate assembling and packaging, including performances of ultra-sound welding , brass insert heat-welding, screw driving, clamshell packaging, carton strapping, pallet loading…etc, synchronized with QC department to build up smooth and punctual delivery but on pretext of premium quality output.

Quality Control Department

Equipped with 2D and 3D measurement instruments,12inspection staffs,based on standardized quality control procedure, strictly abide by ISO9001:2015 quality control, FQC、IQC、IPQC、OQC FQC , our quality control team excellently fulfills commitments to spare no room for above 1.0%defective-rate output in each delivery, last safety door to guard growth and expansion of WishSINO’s business.

Die-Casting Joint Venture

Teamed with joint venture affiliation, we produce AL die-casting products for various industries:aeronautical, auto, medical, telecommunication, military …., service and parts sold to all around the world, permanent supplier to Arris, Plexus,Benchmark, Foxcunn, CommScope,etc, hardened manufacturing capacity and punctual delivery timetable convince all of our related business bodies, irreplaceable boost to boom clients’s business….

WishSINO’s capacity scope to boost and boom client’s business:

  1. Product Design and Development

  2. Mould Making and Injection Moulding

  3. Die-casting and Preision CNC Machined Metal parts

  4. Silicone and Rubber Parts